Our path

A fresh wind for the future

Knauf Interfer is in pursuit – our path to net zero

Step by step we are seeking to make our company more sustainable. A goal we are pursuing along the entire value chain – from raw material procurement and processing to waste disposal and delivery to our customers.

But to us sustainability is not just about acting economically and ecologically. We also want to create a sustainable working environment for our employees. Knauf Interfer is aiming to become even more diverse, more socially aware, safer, and more attractive. With this in mind, we have defined five goals that are aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Growth with AI: we are thinking long-term. We will create future-proof growth through continuous investment and an innovation-friendly environment. Through this we wish to safeguard our company’s success.
  • Operation with tradition: we wish to continue to ensure the best possible quality for our products and thus exceed our customers' expectations.
  • Planning with foresight: we seek to achieve a gradual reduction in our energy needs by improving the management of our processes.
  • Work with advancement opportunities: our employees are our greatest asset. We wish to create a safe and even better working environment for them.
  • Production without emissions: we aim to become a climate-neutral company by 2045 and, as such, offer all our products and services without impacting the climate.

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Our philosophy: We seek to meet our customers’ needs in a sustainable manner, while ensuring optimum quality, a safe working environment for our employees, and a conscientious approach to energy and the environment.

How do we wish to achieve these goals in the long term? We will implement specific measures and continually build on them as we move forward. We are giving our all in pursuit of these goals: for our customers, for our employees, and for our environment.


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For our customers

Knauf Interfer puts the needs of its customers at the heart of its actions.

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For our environment

Knauf Interfer’s goal is to become carbon neutral.

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For our employees

Satisfied and qualified employees – the key to success.

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“Our basic material alone – be it steel or aluminium – is characterised by a very long service life and is fully recyclable.”
Dr. Kay Oppat (CTO)
For our customers

Quality with a new focus

We are not satisfied until our customers are satisfied!

When it comes to our customers, we guarantee the best possible product quality. Their needs are our priority. This is why we are going on the offensive. Through investment and an innovation-friendly environment, we are seeking to enhance our competitiveness and set ourselves apart from the competition.

We are investing in new technology and using digitalisation to our advantage. We are deploying AI to optimise our production processes. With ever greater frequency, we are finding technical solutions that automate processes and reduce our employees’ workloads.

We always want to be one step ahead, which is why we are adapting our product portfolio to current market trends. To allow us to produce our products in a more eco-friendly manner and attract more customers to our company, we are expanding our e-mobility capabilities.

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We also think ahead when we act and do so at every stage of the value chain. Our first step was to divide our company into the ‘Holding’, ‘Steel Business Unit’ and ‘Aluminium Business Unit’ areas and, in doing so, adapt internal processes individually and purposefully to the needs of our customers.

When procuring materials, we rely on structured supplier management to verify the quality and requirements of the products supplied. We want to optimise our energy-intensive steel processing with a view to increasing its efficiency. In addition, we ensure a sustainable route network within the company as well as resource-saving delivery.

Our goal: Be carbon neutral by 2045

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For our environment

Our mission: zero emissions

We aim to reduce our energy needs and become carbon neutral by 2045.

We have ideal conditions for this: Steel is one of the most recycled materials in the world. You can recycle it as many times as you want. Nevertheless, we generate emissions that impact the climate when we process and distribute our products. Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint and be a fully carbon neutral company by 2045.

We therefore need greater sustainability when it comes to our resources. From the use of raw materials to recycling, we are breaking down structures. In processing, we act responsibly when dealing with environmental influences arising from the use of auxiliary and operating materials and chemicals. The restructuring of processes, such as the degreasing conversion in the cold rolling area, helps us achieve a further reduction in our carbon footprint. We are also already using green energy to mitigate the impact of manufacturing on the climate.

And we have adopted a new logistics strategy too. Thanks to more effective transport routes and the use of electric forklifts in intralogistics, we are reducing our energy consumption and the pollution caused by our employees. The switch to e-mobility helps bring our emissions closer to zero. New heating concepts regulate energy requirements at our locations. Here, the use of waste heat resulting from our work processes allows us to generate heat sustainably.

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In shipping, we utilise the full capabilities of our forwarding agents to minimise journeys. We have also standardised our product packaging and use less material as a result. All of our production waste is recycled or disposed of in the proper manner. Individual building blocks that not only bring us closer to our goal, but also save energy and reduce emissions in the long term.

ISO? IATF? For us, they are more than just certificates.

To our certifications
“For us, sustainability also means fair conditions for our partners and suppliers. Our Code of Conduct is how we wish to contribute to this.”
Dr Carsten G. Gast (CEO / CFO)
For our employees

Good work? No doubt!

We consider satisfied and qualified employees as the key to success.

Our employees drive our company’s growth. Only together are we strong. This is why we aim to offer them the best possible working conditions. To ensure a sustainable collaboration.

Your safety matters to us.
This is why safety standards are our top priority: they help us avoid accidents and prevent work-related injuries. In this area, we employ safety officers and occupational safety specialists. We are also reviewing our processes to reduce the risk of pollution, among other things. Automated work steps seek to reduce our employees’ workloads.

Your expertise is our strength.
We encourage our employees to develop their expertise. Through our various training opportunities, our employees have the chance to continuously develop in their chosen field. Recruiting and training the next generation is also of great importance to us. We work closely with schools and colleges to provide technical training for pupils, apprentices, and placement students. Through this, we not only open up long-term opportunities for our company, but also for our employees’ professional future.

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Diversity at every level.
Diversity is ensured as a matter of course at Knauf Interfer. We have employees of different nationalities, genders and religions, with and without disabilities. At Knauf Interfer, everyone has the same opportunities. Our motto: There is no place for discrimination.

Working at Knauf Interfer is rewarding.
Our employees achieve great things. These efforts deserve to be rewarded. We achieve this through pay structures that are governed by collective agreements. But also through our flexible working time models – an area in which we continue to improve. In addition, we wish to stage even more events and create even more recreational opportunities for our employees that promote a work-life balance.