Cold Rolling

Precision in a wide range of products

Cold rolling and strip refinement

The specifications of cold rolled precision strip should be based on your requirements, not on your supplier's plant technology.

In the Giebel cold rolling plant we can produce cold rolled strip in thicknesses from 0.075 mm and widths up to 1,060 mm thanks to two ultra-modern rolling mills and the know-how gained from over 80 years of high-tech forming.

Our range of products comprises numerous grades ranging from engineering steel to micro-alloyed special raw materials. The surface types in MA, MB and MC as well as their version in defined degrees of roughness and with variable peak values are geared toward the respective specifications.

Both matte and highly glossy surfaces in various versions and even specially refined strips are made in the strip enhancing process on our electrolytic galvanising and tinning facilities.

High level of productivity

For us, cold-rolled steel strip is not just a work piece, rather it is a part of a tightly synchronised production and supply chain characterised by efficiency and cost effectiveness over several stages of production. With intelligent solutions such as our oscillated wound coils, we are contributing to a higher degree of productivity in further processing. Even with long strip lengths, the compact dimensions of the package winding allow easy handling and short set-up times.


Our product portfolio includes cold rolled strips, refined strips (electrolytically galvanised and tin-plated) and specially refined strips (multi-layer refinement) in a variety of grades, dimensions and surface finishes. Whichever of our products you choose, both production steps take place in succession at Knauf Interfer Cold Rolling GmbH in Iserlohn.

The best material properties can only be achieved by keeping an eye on the entire production process. We attach great importance to the highest precision and the lowest tolerances. Precisely coordinated pre-material specifications are an essential prerequisite for an optimal cold-rolled product, for example precision strip. The synthesis of technology and tools is a result of years of experience and development as well as sustainable quality assurance.

Specialties in cold rolling
Cold-rolled steel strip  (EN 10139)DC 01, DC 03, DC 04, DC 05, DC 06
Condition: A, LC, C290, C340, C390, C440, C490, C590, C690
Sheets/slit strip (EN 10130)DC01, DC03,  DC04, DC05, DC06
Thin sheets (EN 10205)T50, T52, T57, T61, T65
Tin sheets (EN 10202)TS230, TS245, TS260, TS275, TS290, TS550
Engineering steels (EN 10025-2)S235-S355
Case-hardening steels (EN 10132)C10 E, C15 E, 16MnCr5, 17Cr3
Heat-treated steels (EN 10132)C22 E, C35E, C45E, 42CrMo4
Spring-band steels (EN 10132)C55S, C60S, C67S, C75S, C100S, 51CrV4, 58CrV4
Micro-alloyed steels (EN 10268)HC260LA, HC300LA, HC340LA, HC380LA, HC420LA, HC460, HC500LA
High-strength mico-alloyed special steels according to DIN EN 10268HC550LA, HC600LA, HC700LA, HC750LA, HC800LA, HC850LA, HC900LA
Special materials/additional gradesupon request
Surface type
MA and MB according to EN 10139 (MC upon request)
A or B according to EN 10130
Surface finish
Defined roughness values and variable peak values ranging from Ra < 0.1 µm (glossy smooth) to Ra > 2.0 µm (extra rough)
Edge design
Cut edges (CE), special edges upon request
0.075 - 4 mm thick, 4,5 -1.060 mm wide, coil weights up to 20 t

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