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Knauf Interfer Automotive Blanks

Knauf Interfer Automotive Blanks GmbH is expanding the production area of the Steel business unit to include customised shaped blanks, blanks as well as trapezoids and parallelograms.

With the commissioning of the blanking line at the Duisburg production site in Germany, modern production technology was combined with the advantages of trimodal logistics at one of the most important logistics locations in Europe.

Here, engineered semi-finished products are produced for leading manufacturers and suppliers to the automotive industry. A wide range of steel grades and alloys are processed; from these primarily structural and crash parts are produced. These are used, for example, in the side impact protection of electric vehicles, A and B pillars and other structures for vehicle construction. Of course also with customised tools.

An overview of our performance and product range can be found here:


Technical key data of the blanking line

Raw material

  • Max. with: 1,600 mm
  • Min. width: 300 mm
  • Max. thickness: 4 mm
  • Min. thickness: 0.5 mm
  • Max. coil:  25 t
  • Max. yield strength: 1,200 MPa

Finished material

  • Form-shaped blanks 
  • Blank dimensions
  • Length: 150 - 2,500 mm
  • Width: 300 - 1,600 mm

Press parameters

  • Standard length tolerance: +/- 0.2 mm (to 1,000 mm feed length)
  • Pressing force: 1,300 t

Die area

  • Length: 5,100 mm
  • Width: 2,500 mm
  • Installation height of the dies: 900 - 1,250 mm
  • Feed height: 650 - 850 mm
  • Stroke rate: 15 - 42 strokes/min

Stacker (2 stacking sections)

  • Stack weight: max. 5 t
  • Stacking height: max. 800 mm (with pallet)
  • Stacking tolerance: +/- 3 mm


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We are certified

We are certified in accordance with the strict specifications laid out by systems for quality and occupational safety management. Our certificates are available for you to download here:

You can find all of our group’s certificates here.


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Thomas Niederhofer

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