Automotive Solutions

Steel and aluminium are materials that are universally used in the automotive industry. We make sure that their properties are exactly tailored to their respective purposes. Providing the highest standards of material, technology, logistics, and cost-effectiveness, we continuously expand our portfolio by new alloys, products, and solutions – our contribution to future mobility.


Lightweight construction and the increasing diversification of drive concepts, models and body variants require ever more complex and individual components. We think across materials and look not only for a steel or aluminium solution, but - in close cooperation with our customers - for the material mix that is the best solution for complex requirements.


In the automotive sector we rely on intelligent simulations according to the standards of our customers. Our competence team calculates the properties of the resulting component for each forming step. Thus, the machining process is precisely simulated in advance and analysed and optimised even before the first prototype is produced. The properties of the finished component can be predicted more precisely. This reduces development times and saves tool costs.

Production and manufacturing

We are continuously expanding our product portfolio, our vertical range of manufacture and our production and machining capacities. These range from prototype and small series production to fully automated and robot-supported production cells in which the components can be assembled and assembled ready for installation. The seamless monitoring in accordance with IATF certification also includes our upstream and downstream processes.

We are certified

An overview of all locations of the Knauf Interfer Group which are certified according to the stringent automotive standard can be found here.



Tailored to the Application

We offer our customers a wide range of application-specific alloys. We are particularly skilled at optimizing surfaces, increasing strength levels, and improving malleability. Duktal®, our own patented development, is in demand, for example, in crash-relevant fields.

Special Grades

Specifically Suited for Prototype Construction

For components that are undergoing prototype construction, our Steel Service Centers supply steel in special grades and intermediate thicknesses worldwide to the automotive sector, among others, because tool testing is generally carried out by the toolmaker. Depending on the requirement, very small quantities of any producible steel specification can be supplied in special packaging – from a single sheet.


Surface Technology of the Highest Precision

Making what is good even better – that is our claim, and it is reflected in our electrolytical refined steel strip (GSn and GZn) as well as our specially refined strips (multi-layer refining). The further processing of our steel products has been made more efficient. For example, we have been able to improve soldering properties and whisker resistance – which has a direct impact on the longevity of our customers’ end products.



Economical components require structured processes. Via our high-speed systems, your components can be cut using three, four, or five axles. The process is optimized through the use of shuttle tables and minimal tool change times.


Punching processes are worthwhile – even for “mediumsized series”. Whether chambers, flanges, or bridges, we cut profiles in the context of the process in a repeatable and precise manner. The integration of bending operations or forming increases profitability.

Form Shaped Blanks

Our high-performance press is the core of our blank cutting system. It boasts extraordinary dimensions of up to 2,500 x 5,100 mm and a high level of flexibility. It can take up tools of up to 1,250 mm height. We cut shaped planks, also available on a contract manufacturing basis, with tools provided by our customers.

Strech Bending

We have both state-of-the-art technology and reliable expertise at our disposal. The most complex 3-D geometrical shapes are formed using our stretch bending systems. Your workpieces can also be manufactured using roll-bending, flex-bending, and die-bending processes.


Welding processes as well as hybrid joints are carried out on our highly automated systems.

Bonding and Riveting

The challenge of continuously reducing consumption can be met via multi-material design. Our robot-assisted joining processes include bonding, riveting, punch riveting, and press-fitting.



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