Business philosophy

As a plant-independent company, we are able to work autonomously and unbureaucratically – but primarily for the benefit of our customers at all times.

Our customers' needs are at the centre of our activities as this is the only way that we can grow in our core competencies, thereby ensuring the future of our locations for our employees. This philosophy is also reflected in our company structure via operatively independent business units, which are set up individually according to the requirements of our customers and which operate interchangeably.

The success of our company is crucial for future investments, such interfaces between our customers and us, process optimisation, machine technology, training, and logistics, thereby creating a long-term basis for efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Our value-oriented company culture, which combines entrepreneurial freedom with open, goal-oriented and – especially – appreciative management, makes us a competent partner. We place great importance on consistently high standards of quality, the highest degree of occupational safety, and the training of our employees.  The careful handling of environmental and energy-related issues is also essential. Each of these goals is of equal importance to us.

We guarantee the best quality

We are not satisfied until our customers are satisfied. Therefore, ensuring a continued high degree of quality for our products and services is our highest priority. We understand our customers' expectations and are able to convert these requirements into tailor-made, quality-controlled solutions that are in accordance with the latest standards.

Every member of our staff contributes to the quality of our products and services by means of their personal performance – and that is something of which we are proud.

Quality policy

  • We acknowledge the expectations our customers formulate, implement these and fulfil them within the scope of our possibilities.
  • We apply the quality management system consistently, monitor it and improve it continually in cooperation with all interested parties.
  • We determine guidelines, responsibilities, authorisations and areas of responsibility systematically.
  • We comply with legal and regulatory stipulations, guidelines and other valid specifications.
  • The managing directors or site managers perform regular evaluations of the efficacy of the quality management system.
  • Through targeted training and further education, we ensure that all of our employees are also able to meet the high expectations that we set for ourselves.

We secure jobs and protect our employees

Safeguarding the future for employees and companies is one of the top priorities for how we handle business. To this end, we are passionate and committed – on our team and with all employees. After all, our workforce is our success factor. Their competence, their experience and especially their high level of motivation make us strong. That is why we provide the highest degree of occupational protection and comprehensive health care. Targeted training and further education are just as important to us as technical and organisational measures for the best working conditions and maximum occupational safety.

Safety, health and occupational safety policy

  • We ensure that we follow all pertinent requirements for occupational safety and health protection and that we even surpass standard levels wherever reasonable and possible.
  • Our employees are very important to us! We guarantee the highest possible degree of protection at the workplace with technical, organisational and personal means.
  • All members of managerial staff are in charge of and directly responsible for the occupational safety and health of their employees and even third parties in their areas. They should act as role models for their employees and motivate them to the highest standards of occupational safety.
  • We expect all employees to take responsibility for safety. This applies to both their own safety as well as to the safety of people and facilities they work with.
  • We rigorously analyse the circumstances that resulted in an accident at the workplace – or could have led to one – and implement corrective measures. This is because accidents are never a matter of chance and they contradict our business philosophy.
  • We commit ourselves, as far as possible, to eliminate hazards and minimize safety, health and occupational safety risks. Legal obligations and other requirements represent a minimum for us.
  • We support the consultation and participation of employees

We work sustainably

As one of the leading factory-independent companies in the sector of manufacturing, distributing and processing products made of steel and aluminium, sustainability and responsible handling of natural resources is of great significance for us. Our environmental policy is intended to help us be conscious of the protection and preservation of natural resources in our day-to-day activities.

The raw materials that we obtain around the world from an international network are characterised by a large proportion of recycled material. Steel and aluminium have belonged to some of the most important and most environmentally compatible materials for years in a variety of sectors and fields of application. We can’t even imagine our everyday lives without products made of steel and aluminium. That is why we are committed to responsible production and processing.

Environmental policy

  • We determine the effects our processes will have on the environment – in advance whenever possible – and monitor and evaluate these continually. We are constantly working on reducing our consumption of resources and energy as well as our production of emissions and waste products so that we contribute to preserving the environment.
  • When procuring raw materials and auxiliary supplies and also when we make investments, we select environmentally alternatives over other possibilities – taking economic demands into consideration. We include all of our suppliers and contractual partners of our company in our efforts in order to improve environmental protection.
  • We promote environmental awareness and environmental responsibility for all employees and even all individuals hired by us. We ensure that training, instruction and further education are provided in environmentally relevant areas.
  • In addition to complying with all environmentally relevant legal specifications and environmental standards within the framework of continual improvement, which is a matter of course, we also strive to surpass stipulated limit values rather than only adhering to them.
  • We lead open and constructive dialogue on the challenges of environmentally compatible production both within the company and also with interested parties. We also provide information on the status of environmental protection and new objectives within the company at regular intervals.

We are reducing how much energy we consume

Within the framework of an energy management system, we are constantly working on preserving resources such as energy and raw materials as well as on reducing emissions and waste products. We consider the protection of our natural resources a joint task – one we include our suppliers and partners in as well as every single employee.

With cutting-edge and state-of-the-art machinery, innovative methods for refining and surface treatments as well as dynamic logistics concepts, we are not only contributing to an energy-efficient manufacturing and distribution process with the least possible effects on nature and the environment, rather we are also contributing to our company’s capacity to compete and that of our customers as well.

Energy policy

  • We are implementing the guidelines and targets of our energy policy while complying with our legal obligations.
  • We are safeguarding the required financial and structural requirements for this.
  • We are striving to keep the use of natural resources – especially energy – as low as possible while also considering basic economic conditions and derive strategic and operative objectives from this policy.
  • We set up our manufacturing processes to be energy efficient in order to avoid environmental impact as far as possible or at least to keep unavoidable environmental stress to a minimum.
  • We take the state of the art into consideration for new investments and renovations while using energy efficient machines and processes – as far as can be justified economically. We also strive for energy-efficient purchasing of products and services.
  • We examine our systems and actions for ways to save energy and take appropriate measures to avoid errors or to minimise their effects.
  • We promote a sense of responsibility concerning energy use in all our employees. We integrate all members of our staff in implementing and executing the energy management system and we establish responsibilities.
  • We take precautions so that our contractual partners comply with the specifications of the energy management system at our locations.
  • We ensure compliance with the applicable requirements regarding energy use, energy consumption and energy efficiency.
  • We commit ourselves to continuously improve energy-related services and the energy management system.

Code of Conduct

You can find the Code of Conduct of the Knauf Interfer Group here or in the Service / Download area.